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Introducing Landgrid's Data Partner Program This Summer!


Happy July, Everyone!


It’s that time of the year - Longer days, picnics, barbeques, fireworks, or, if you work in an office, sweating while you email! Towel off and keep typing, everyone, only one more word mile to go.


As we gear up for a wonderful 4th of July weekend, the Loveland team has some updates on the grill that we’re ready to turn over.

1. Data Partner and Reseller Program - 

For those of you in the data business:

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could distribute or advertise your data to an engaged and growing nationwide audience? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could offer your customers the option of adding affordable nationwide parcel data without sending them to someone else?

We are actively seeking data partners along two dimensions:

  1. If you have a large property dataset, we would like to integrate it into the website for our visitors and customers. Depending on the dataset and your desire, we can make it freely available with linked credit back to you, or charge for access and share the funds with you.

  2. If you are interested in offering our data to your customers or potential customers, we can make that easy and do a fair revenue split. Bam. Your value proposition just went up a few notches.

Our goal is to provide more out-of-the-box data to our visitors and customers, and to reach more people with our nationwide parcel dataset while helping other data providers succeed. Simply write us at and we’ll talk through it together.

We have already set up a few of these relationships. Here is one example:


2. Landgrid Data is now available on the Demyst Marketplace - 

DemystData is one of the largest data marketplaces in the world, dedicated to serving large data users who can pick and choose from many different data offerings. They carry 100’s of data products & API’s on their site and we are thrilled to join the ranks of many of our colleagues on Demyst.

Here’s a blog by Demyst announcing the availability of the Landgrid Data API on their marketplace -


3. Customer Spotlight:

We’re not big self-promoters here at Loveland, but we are trying to get better at telling the stories of the projects we work on and the results our customers achieve with both our software and our data. Keeping customers happy and satisfied has always been a top priority for us and our team works hard to accomplish this.

Here’s what Michele Oberholtzer from the United Community Housing Coalition (UCHC) recently had to say about the value that she and her organization get from our Landgrid Enterprise software and services:

4. New Landgrid Free

We recently launched an improved & simplified free version of our Landgrid Mapping Platform. For those of us who would like to test out what the Landgrid platform is capable of doing before investing in our paid subs, this is just the right tool. It’s limited but it allows for a user to get a taste of what the platform can do in its full capacity. If you know of friends and family who could benefit from this tool, please let them know. Its free forever, and doesn’t require a credit card to signup.

This is also a wonderful gateway into trying before upgrading into Landgrid Pro - which has unlimited options and features and can get absolutely anybody started on their property mapping & surveying endeavours (without prior GIS experience) for just $10/month. Looking to make a change from Free to Pro?? Sign up here.


5. Migration From SiteControl to

Those of you in the know have been aware of our recent re-branding efforts from Makeloveland and Sitecontrol to Not only was this just a rebranding effort but also a migration of our platform from to

Basically, this means that those of you who signed up with us on Sitecontol can continue to use your account with the exact same login credentials on It’s the same platform in terms of functionality but with a different, improved user interface. 

We plan on shutting down altogether on November 1st, 2019. There is still plenty of time. We know change is not easy but we urge you to start familiarizing yourself with and slowly move away from your Sitecontrol accounts. This will make the transition into the new UI easier. Please bear in mind that we have replicated everything on and we are working on adding more usability related features & in-app onboarding to our platform soon.

If you ever feel like you need help to transition from Sitecontrol to Landgrid, please feel free to email or and we will work with you to make this process smoother.


And finally:


6. Mapping Mondays - Well, who doesn’t love Maps! Mondays can be less beloved, so starting this week, we kicked off a new program called the “Mapping Mondays” to take the edge off with a tiny espresso shot of geography. Every monday, you will find beautiful, color coded parcel maps built on none other than the Landgrid Pro on our social media accounts which you can follow here:






 Please send us requests for the kind of maps you would like to see and we will build those and showcase them for you. 

Soon we would like to start mapping tutorials (Webinars & Google Hangouts) so you can watch the software in action and learn how to map & survey with Landgrid Pro & Enterprise. We can help you with specific use cases that would be useful to you in your everyday projects at work.


Well, that’s it from us this July. There will be many more updates in the August edition, including USPS residential & vacancy data.

Until then, don’t be shy if we can help you solve your property data challenges.

 A Very Happy 4th of July to all of you, from the Loveland Team!

Happy Mapping!!!

- Team Loveland

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What can I do with

Find and understand parcel information at any level, whether you're buying or developing property, need data for research or professional purposes, or just curious who owns that lot down the street.

Surf parcel information

Parcels are the shapes of individual properties that make up a Landgrid covering the entire United States (and most of the world). Parcels typically have characteristics like ownership, zoning, taxes, sale prices, and more. You can use this site to see who owns the world around you and how land is divided up into different shapes.

We currently show 143 million parcel shapes covering where 95% of Americans live. See a map of coverage and sources here.


Create parcel maps

Make beautiful parcel projects — no GIS experience required — and gain insights, fast. Landgrid lets you color code, add, and filter data with the click of a button.

Filtering helps you dive deep into the data and uncover patterns by seeing properties with different combinations of characteristics, like a certain kind of zoning and a certain size.


Survey property

Want to go out and photograph and document property conditions, or reach and interview residents? Our survey editor makes it easy to write your own multiple choice or open-ended survey questions, then use the Loveland Survey App (available for iOS and Android) to visit properties in the field, or add information to your map right from your computer with Desktop Surveying.

Data collected in the field hits your Loveland account LIVE — no need for digitizing, downloading, or uploading results.

Surveys big and small can be done by individuals, small groups, or teams of dozens, hundreds, or even thousands simultaneously.


Import and export data

We believe that data should never be stuck in silos. Easily import any spreadsheet (CSV or Excel file) with an address column or a parcel ID or latitude-longitude column and it will neatly attach to Landgrid's base parcel data. All you have to do is drag-and-drop a file or copy-and-paste a link. (If you don’t have spreadsheets of data, don’t forget your local open data portal might!)

You can export the data you've added as a spreadsheet, shapefile, or KML, and it will come out combining your data with the base property information. This is a very powerful tool for doing something valuable that would otherwise typically make you want to pull your hair out.

Pro accounts can also export spreadsheets of the base property information on the site at up to 50,000 rows at a time. If you need to export larger spreadsheets of data, or if you want to download the parcel shapes, see our data licensing page for unlimited nationwide spreadsheet exporting and parcel licensing.


Collaborate and share

Your Loveland account and the data you put in Landgrid are completely private and secure. You have full control over who can access the maps and data you create. Share maps and data with your team members and colleagues.

If you want to publish maps, you can do that too: Loveland maps can be published on a “read only” basis, and you can embed them in webpages.

Collaborate crop

Explore nationwide map layers & US Census data

Pro accounts now have access to a growing number of nationwide map layers to go along with the parcel data. You can now select not only street and aerial imagery, but maps including things like topography, flood and fire risk, land use, and more.

Access US Census data, including population, demographics, income, health, education, and other information at the tract, block, city, county, state, and national levels with your Pro account.


Who uses our tools?

We’ve designed Landgrid so that communities and customers of all sizes, from individuals to local neighborhood groups to city- and statewide surveying efforts, can gather information, make maps, and understand the land around them. Here are a few examples out of thousands:

Parcel Data Licensing

WoodsCamp is an example of an independent app and service that licenses our nationwide parcel data to analyze and serve parcels to its customers: private owners of forested land who want to better understand what they have and how it can be used and preserved. Visitors to the WoodsCamp site can easily find their parcel of property, and the WoodsCamp app calculates the tree coverage on the parcel to make recommendations about how it can be managed.

See our parcel licensing page to add nationwide parcel data to your own app.


The Ohio 3Cs Mapping Project

With support from the JPMorgan Chase Foundation, Loveland partnered with the Western Reserve Land Conservancy to update our platform, gather data, provide our technology to government, nonprofit, and community groups, and organize property surveys across Cleveland, Cincinnati, and Columbus, Ohio. The projects conducted took various forms, from a citywide survey of Cleveland, to a vacant housing survey of Cincinnati, to neighborhood surveys in Columbus, with various groups and individuals in each city continuing to use the tools for projects big and small.

In 2014, Detroit knew it had a blight problem - but nobody knew exactly how many structures were vacant. Because good data is crucial to good decision-making, Loveland Technologies teamed up with Data Driven Detroit and the Blight Elimination Task Force led by Dan Gilbert to conduct an ambitious survey: photograph and evaluate every single property within Detroit's 139 square miles. 200 Detroiters used Loveland’s parcel mapping technology and property surveying app to get the job done. Data from this unprecedented effort led to hundreds of millions of dollars in federal funding allocated to blight removal and demolitions, as well as providing valuable information to City Hall, developers, and neighborhood groups about the state of their city.

Tax Foreclosure Prevention

History will marvel that Detroit’s most intense period of displacement and property damage happened in the 21st century through a misguided tax foreclosure and auction system that traded money in the short-term for long-lasting damage to people and property. Loveland cut against the political grain to show what is happening and how it can be changed through better outreach and better policy. Local government and organizations use data from Landgrid and the mobile app to visit people facing foreclosure, understand their situation, connect them to the resources they need, and advocate for change.
People Are Making Big Money Kicking Detroit Residents Out Of Their Homes (HBO) (featuring a brief appearance by Loveland CEO, Jerry Paffendorf, at the Loveland office in Detroit)

Flint Property Portal

The Genesee County Land Bank and City of Flint needed a custom website where they could host continuously-updated data as well as provide residents a platform where they could easily make maps, look up properties and showcase property surveys as they come in, in real time. Loveland worked with these valuable partners to build a custom site to meet their needs.

Dan Trapp, St. Augustine/St. Monica Parish:

“I'm the pastor of a Catholic parish on the east side of Detroit... I was able to find the initial information about a vacant house across from our church. We bought it, fixed it up and sold it. Also, we bought 7 vacant lots, cleared them of debris, cut the grass and put in 240 grape vines this past spring. After a hundred or so years of having houses on it, the land is now back to farmland, the neighborhood is beautified, it's giving some employment and should produce a nice Cabernet Franc.”

Political and Advocacy Outreach

When advocates for Michigan’s Proposal 2 needed to reach Michiganders all across the state in an effort to change the political gerrymandering laws, they contacted Loveland for a canvassing solution. Approximately 1,000 canvassers used the Loveland Survey App to knock on more than 84,000 doors in a statewide campaign to inform and understand voters. The proposal passed.