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Introducing Site Control: More Power For Your Parcels!

By Jerry Paffendorf on June 4, 2015

This video is a silent teaser for our new Site Control service. Hit play and scroll down to learn more.

In addition to our free site, we now have a paid service called Site Control for privately making maps and surveys and sharing them when you're ready. Get in touch at or 313-649-5263 to set up a demo.

LOVELAND's mission is to map and survey every parcel of property on the planet, and our mandate is to make public information freely available to the public.

Now we're excited to introduce a paid service called Site Control that takes everything from our free site and puts it into your own private LOVELAND universe with new super powers for you to enjoy.

Site Control is incredibly valuable to anyone who works with property information:

  • Block clubs and neighborhood associations

  • City planners and governments

  • Real estate developers and investors

  • Reporters and journalists

  • Researchers and academics

  • Drum roll.........and more!

With Site Control you can:

  • Make your own beautiful parcel maps just as easily as you write and send emails

  • Survey parcels using your own custom questions from a mobile device in the field or from your desktop

  • Easily perform and save complicated searches to find the needles you're looking for in parcel haystacks

  • Import parcel data from an incredible array of sources, including your own spreadsheets or open data portals

  • Style your maps and share what you want with who you want, including publishing them publicly

  • Drum roll.........and more!

Please contact us at or call us at 313-649-5263 to set up a demo.

We can't wait to show you and hopefully get you on the system! It's sort of freaking us out how sweet it is.

Jerry Paffendorf

CEO, LOVELAND Technologies