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Landgrid Tileserver

Nationwide parcel tiles for your maps & apps.

Make beautiful maps with our raster and vector layers

Use our raster (PNG) and vector (MVT) tiles to show parcel boundaries on your Leaflet, Mapbox, or ESRI baselayer. Our tiles come with parcel polygons and the identifiers you need to look up additional details with our search API.

This is the same service we use across our platform and mobile apps, ready for use at scale in your tools. We keep it up-to-date with the latest parcel updates so your clients always see the freshest data. If you need map tiles and the ability to search via our Parcel API, check out a combination plan here.

Hybrid Monthly Pricing Model

Our easy, scalable and affordable monthly plans allow you to sign up, test for free for a week and then use our service the way you want to. We have designed a hybrid model with a fixed base price that allows you to use the service up to the limit specified. Any usage beyond of the limit is subject to our affordable overage/per-record pricing. Our subscriptions scale with you & your products.


To find out in detail what our API can do, and how to plug into it as a software developer or GIS specialist, please check out our support site and specifics at these links.

Easy monthly plans

Try it for free

Try the Landgrid API free for a week. If it doesn't fit your needs, there's no charge for trying it out. If it helps connect you to the data you need, great! You'll roll automatically into a monthly subscription and can use the account to its full limits.

Customized plans for higher-volume scenarios

If you're looking for flexible API subscriptions for annual contracts or have higher usage requirements without per-record pricing, please reach out to us at parcels@landgrid.com to build a custom subscription for your use case.

Want to download and host the parcel data yourself?

Our API is great if you are integrating and pulling our data into your apps & maps on-demand. If you need shapefiles or boundaries and tax assessment data in bulk, please see our bulk data page and email us at parcels@landgrid.com to get set up. For quickly downloading data on a per-county basis, visit the data store.

Learn about bulk data Browse the data store Email parcels@landgrid.com