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2019 Wayne County Tax Foreclosure Auction

By Sahana Murthy on August 22, 2019 · Announcements

Hello Landgrid Customers,


Many of you asked to see the "2019 Wayne County Tax Foreclosure Auction" data on the Landgrid platform. We made it available a few days ago. 

Note that Loveland has its headquarters in Detroit and spends a lot of time and resources tracking tax foreclosure, helping people avoid tax foreclosure, pointing out how destructive the tax foreclosure process and auction have been to Detroit (as you can see in this VICE News HBO video that includes our CEO discussing the problems —

), and advocating for policies that will improve the situation.

We ask that if you participate in the auction that you do so humanely as many properties are occupied. We do not support the auction as it’s currently conducted, but we share it because we believe it’s important for people to see what is happening.

You can view it directly here on the platform & add the dataset -

Below are the full set of instructions to access the data & layer on the Landgrid Platform when signed:

1) Click the Datasets tab on the left sidebar.
2) In that Datasets panel which opens once you click, you'll see an 'Import Data' bar and below that, three options: Mine/Public/All. Click 'Public'.
3) Scroll down through the datasets until you see "2019 Wayne County Tax Foreclosure Auction", and click on it when you do.
4) Click the blue 'add to project' button, and you'll see it appear on your map.


- Team Loveland