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Launching the New Landgrid Free - A Simplified Parcel Viewer

By Sahana Murthy on June 10, 2019

We heard you!

We get asked a bunch of things from our loyal customers and prospects. We get asked to add certain attributes to our data or we have had users asking for a simplified parcel viewer. Well, that’s what we did.

Our team has been working hard this past month to add more value to our solutions and we are excited to announce the launch of the New Landgrid Free subscription.

New Landgrid Free - Simplified Parcel Viewer

We have always had a very loaded free subscription which we often found to be overwhelming for many of our users who would have preferred a simpler viewer to look up parcels, uninterrupted for their many personal goals.

So that’s essentially what the new Landgrid Free would be able to provide to our customers moving forward.

This isn’t your average sandbox - with this account you can surf the site uninterrupted, look up parcels that you are interested in and color code the map to get deeper insights into your location.

With your free account, you can do a bunch of things to get started with:

- Uninterrupted nationwide parcel viewer - Look up parcels all over and get deeper insights into your neighborhood.

- Draw Focus Area - Draw a custom boundary on the map by drawing a focus area.

- Filter Maps - Drill down further by filtering the parcels by various attributes. With your free, you will not be able to save your filters.

- Style Maps - Color code the parcel map to highlight key attributes that you are interested in. With your free account, you can create up to 2 styling rules.

- Bookmark Parcels - Bookmark upto 10 parcels that you find interesting to come back to at a later time.

- Access Bounds - Filter and add boundaries to your parcels based on zipcodes, Census tracts, congressional districts and many more.

- Map Layers - Switch and toggle between satellite and base layers for an immersive parcel viewing experience.

- Top Owners - Get a quick insight into the top property owners in your location.

This free, forever. No credit card required. Try our free version to get a taste of what our platform can offer. If you like the platform, then depending on your needs, you can either upgrade to any of our other tiers (Pro & Enteprise) or you can continue using your free account for as long as like.

Sign-up today and be on you way to discovering your land grid like never before.

For help materials & tutorials, look no further than our Guidebook to help you navigate through the platform. We have how-to articles on every facet of our suite of tools. When in doubt, just look up the guidebook to find ways to solve your problems.

In addition, feel free to reach out to us at if you need any help or support from us.

Existing Free Users of


You were allowed to create 1 Project/map & survey. They will remain intact even after we launch the new free tier. You can continue to access them. And you will still have all the features mentioned above as part of your free account.

This is the perfect opportunity to upgrade to our Pro account for just $10/month or $100/year. With Pro, you get unlimited projects, unlimited surveys, full scale survey editor, measuring tool & you can export & import data.

Most importantly, by the end of summer 2019, you will be able to see our USPS data (vacancy & residential flags) on Pro too.

Click here to upgrade!

Meanwhile, we hope that you continue to use the Landgrid platform and that we can continue to help you with your parcel data & map goals always.


Sahana Murthy

General Manager,

Loveland Technologies