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Parcel API Program, Buildings Data, Opportunity Zones & Much More…

By Sahana Murthy on November 5, 2019 · Announcements

Happy November!

As the year comes to a close and thoughts turn to 2020, let’s jump right in to what’s new for you.

1. New Parcel Data API Program:

We’ve launched a new way to access  our nationwide dataset of 146 million+ parcels via API for those who want the data in their own apps, but don’t need to host or download it.

There is a 30 day free trial, no payment info required, and after that if you want to continue using the API it’s only $500 - $2,000/month depending on the fields you want access to and the number of API calls.
Full details are at


For a license to download and host the data yourself, email us at

2. Product & Data Updates:

  • Landgrid Pro - For those of you with Pro and Enterprise accounts, we have a lot of great updates on the software side. If you don’t have a Landgrid Pro account yet and you use the site, then come on, it's time to upgrade. They’re only $75/year through the end of December and offer a much better experience: And if you’re trying to push a team project through a Pro account, just drop us a line and we’ll work with you to get you exactly what you need:
  • Opportunity Zones - You asked and we delivered! We added opportunity zones as columns to our dataset and as a layer to the mapping platform. 
  • Buildings Footprints - Mid November, we are going to launch buildings footprints as a layer on our platform (Pro & above) and we will also append buildings count per parcel to our dataset as a column.
  • Acreage & SQFT columns - We recently added acreage & SQFT of each parcel as columns to our nationwide dataset. You should be able to download this as part of our next parcel update.
  • Landgrid App - We have made so many improvements to our mobile surveying app that listing them would go against our current goal to keep this email short. ;) Check it out. Its free to download -
  • Site Control- In December, we will be closing down entirely. Those of you who still use Sitecontrol, we highly recommend that you login into using your Sitecontrol credentials and continue using your account as is. has all the features that Sitecontrol does, but is augmented with an intuitive & user friendly UI. 

3. People of Landgrid Series :
We launched our first ever customer story with Giancarlo Di Lonardo from New Jersey Community Capital.
Read all about the amazing work Giancarlo & NJCC are doing for NJ communities -

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We're sure you are all planning for a solid start to the new year.
Holler & let us know how we or our solutions can help you with your projects & goals. We are just an email away.

Happy Mapping!