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What's new at Loveland Technologies? Boldly going where no parcel map has gone before

By Jerry Paffendorf on January 9, 2017

Happy 2017! Here's the New Year update we sent to our mailing list:

Loveland 2017

Alright busy people, before diving into a New Year update, let me put 2 opportunities at the very top:

1.) Want to contribute to the public map, no experience required?

We've assembled more than 134 million US parcels on (translation: that's an awful lot). We want to keep the data flowing for you, so we're preparing to make it drop dead simple for anyone with a spreadsheet that has addresses, coordinates, OR parcel IDs to easily publish it to the public map where everyone can see it. If you, your city, county, state, or organization has data you want to publish, please reach out to us at so we can bring you into the beta. Or heck, if you don't have data but you want to seek it out and add it to the public map because it sounds fun and interesting, please let us know. This is going to be really cool and create a lot of new local and national insights. Don't worry if you don't have prior experience. We're making it easy.

2.) Can we help you accomplish something in 2017?

While we're only a couple of days into the year, 2017 still has its new year smell, so it's the right time to decide to take charge and Do Something Great, dang it, before inertia grabs you and your ambition starts wanting to sleep in til noon. If there's a mapping, surveying, data wrangling, consulting, or research project we can help you with this year, just give us a shout to discuss it. Our mapping tools can help you do a lot right out of the box, we love to partner on interesting projects, and we certainly aren't afraid of challenging situations. Approaching property, planning, and land use challenges with great technology, creative thinking, practical strategies, and a good attitude is sort of our thing.

OK, now on to the wider update:

Happy New Year to everyone who's followed, supported, and/or found value in our work over the years. It's always an adventure, but 2016 seems to have been a pretty weird year for almost everyone. Must be something in the air as more people and things come online for the first time and start to connect. It's like the world is between eras and everything feels out of socket. Without clear leaders or examples of how to navigate whatever exactly has changed, an uncertain mood has set in.

Just like you are, we're also surfing the change. In 2017 we'll be making some really significant updates that we hope you'll love, and that we hope keep us adaptive to all the change that's happening.

We're working on folding our professional mapping tools and our free information together into one clear site at that's dedicated to putting everything you wanted to know about and do with property together in one place. Something we've wrestled with over the years is that we're very good (or very bad ) at spinning up new sites, which can be refreshing, but can also end up being confusing.

'Wait, I signed up for a account, why am I on And how is this different than'

/holds head in hands

So there will be one site where you can freely look up information, and from which you easily upgrade to professional tools in your own private workspace. Hurrah. (Note: For existing customers nothing will change besides things continuing to get better and better.)

Crucially, we're also going to open up the site so that anyone who has property or spatial data can easily publish it to the public map. Our little team has done an incredible job assembling a nationwide dataset of parcels. Now it's time to open things up for anyone with a spreadsheet who wants to give it a name and a description and share it with the world. We're also preparing to plug into more live open data portals, and make it easy for cities to publish directly to Loveland.

If we do it properly, there will be a LOT more data flowing through Loveland in more places around the country, and the world. Heck, there'll even be a lot more in Detroit.

So stay tuned, and if there's a project you want to work on with us in 2017, drop us a line at In addition to updating the platform, we're suckers for helping partners with interesting projects and challenges. (You'll see some new project releases in some new cities coming out soon. )

To our customers, our users, our partners, our neighbors, our friends, our community: all of the best from our team, thank you for your support, and Happy New Year,

Jerry Paffendorf

CEO, LOVELAND Technologies



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