Nationwide Parcel Data

From Loveland Technologies

Loveland has assembled a nationwide dataset of more than 145 million land records covering where 95% of Americans live.

Now you can license, download, and use this parcel data for your own apps and research:

  • More than 145 million parcels across more than 2,300 counties (and Puerto Rico), covering where 95% of Americans live
  • All have parcel shape, most have address, many have owner, tax details, and other assesment information
  • Available in Shapefile, GeoJSON, FileGDB, Postgres, and other formats.
  • Import them into your own app or database for public or private use.
  • Licenses come with a Loveland Team account and beta access to our parcel vector tile endpoint

We have the best prices for the best coverage:

  • Nationwide parcel boundaries and all attributes: $25,000 annually
  • Nationwide parcel boundaries with address and owner: $15,000 annually
  • Nationwide spreadsheet data, no parcel boundaries: $10,000 annually
  • Individual state parcel boundaries and all attributes: $5,000 annually

We take pride in having the most the most liberal license and the friendliest team, always innovating. Email or call 313-649-LAND for a quote and a data sample.

America is made of parcels. Everything that happens in the world happens on a parcel. Put our nationwide parcel data to work for you. Call or email to get started. · 313-649-5263

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