Nationwide Parcel Data

146 million parcels covering 97% of people in America
for your map, app, or database

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What we offer

We are parcel people specializing in property boundaries with all manner of land, ownership, and property information. Our dataset of 146+ million parcel boundaries and records covers 97% of people in America in a seamless, standardized quilt of property information for your map, app, or database.

License our entire database, plug into our API, or download whichever counties you need from our Data Store.

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Why it's valuable
& why you should work with us

From wall to wall, America is made of land parcels that give meaning and structure to location, spatial, and real estate information. Having great data about the underlying land grid of parcel shapes, ownership, and assessments is fundamental to all business, research, planning, and decision-making about property and space.

Landgrid has taken parcel data to a whole new level of accessibility, usability, transparency, and completeness. We've priced and productized parcel data to meet your needs whether you're a big company or a startup, and whether you need a little parcel data or a whole lot. 

We understand that at the end of the day what you want is great data with great service at a great price from an honest partner who cares about your success, so that's what you'll find here.

We are fast, friendly, affordable, fair, and our terms will make you smile.

The best pricing for the best data

We’ve designed our bulk licensing packages to meet a range of common needs and budgets.

Each of these packages provides access to download the nationwide dataset with rolling refreshes throughout the year, and you’ll also have access to our API and tileserver.

Basic $25,000 annually

Nationwide parcel boundaries with parcel address and owner. Perfect if you only need lot lines and a minimum amount of additional information.

Standard $35,000 annually

Nationwide parcel boundaries with all basic and standard attributes. This package includes everything we get from local governments, all cleaned up and ready to go.

Premium $65,000 annually

Nationwide parcel boundaries with all basic and standard attributes, plus a variety of fields we append to the data from other sources. Premium fields include:

  • Nationwide United States Postal Service-validated address data with uniform residential property indicator and vacancy information
  • Nationwide building footprint counts and building footprint square footage
  • Standardized landuse codes

Single States $7,000 - $10,000 annually

Only need a particular state? Choose our standard attributes or add in the premium USPS, building footprint, and standardized landuse fields.

Also available for those who want the data but don’t need the parcels: nationwide spreadsheet data with no parcel boundaries, starting at $10,000 annually.

Email for a quote and a data sample

or call us at 313-649-LAND

What’s in the data and how is it delivered?

We pride ourselves on being clear about what’s in our data and when it was last refreshed:

Data is delivered in Shapefile, GeoPackage, GeoJSON, CSV and SQL formats. Need a custom format? Let us know.

Landgrid Parcel APIs & Data Store

In addition to bulk data licenses, we also serve the data through our API and by the county through our data store, and provide a tileserver to help you display parcel data on your site or in your app:


Access our nationwide parcel data with address, owner, point, and radius search endpoints. Pair with our tileserver to build interactive maps and affordably access parcel details on demand.

See parcel API details


Add 145 million parcels to your map. Use our raster or vector tiles to present data on your Leaflet, Mapbox, or ESRI baselayer. Our tiles come with the identifiers you need to look up additional details with our search API.

Access tiles

Data Store

Get the data you need right now: buy individual counties in all our standard formats on the Landgrid Data Store. See our nationwide coverage and choose between standard and premium products.

Browse the store

Partners & Additional Datasets

If you're looking for additional property and real estate data to match to our parcels, we’ve got you covered. Our extensive network of relationships with other data vendors means we can get you what you want from the best source at the best price.

Datasets we can help provide include building footprints, neighborhood boundaries, Real Estate & MLS, consumer POIs, foot traffic, business activity, agricultural CLUs, and more.

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Who licenses parcel data?

We're blessed with a diverse customer base of large and small endeavors that span GIS and geocoding, energy and infrastructure, real estate and site selection, conservation and agriculture, insurance and disaster management, machine learning and modeling, education and policy, and many other industries and uses. Rest assured that our data has been happily deployed at scale by many customers for years.

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Customer spotlight

How does Mapbox use our data?


"With Loveland, we found just the kind of nationwide parcel dataset that we were looking for to support robust enterprise-level geocoding. The coverage they offer is among the most comprehensive that we have seen, and their flexible license makes the data a natural addition to our high-accuracy data-driven services."
— Mapbox

How else can we help you?

In addition to providing amazing parcel data, our talented team makes great GIS software and apps. Make sure you check out our own parcel viewer, Pro software, and free Landgrid mobile app. We customize this software for clients through our whitelabel Enterprise product. We also partner with parcel-level machine learning and predictive analytics companies if you need additional analysis.

Email for a quote and a data sample

or call us at 313-649-LAND